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Hiring Practices

Hiring Practices

hiring-practice.jpgWe make hiring a top priority at Parking Network, Inc.  By carefully evaluating each candidate prior to offering them employment, we can save you money and provide better service.

Parking Network recruits, interviews, and evaluates in good faith all potential employees.  Our employment policy requires that all personnel assigned to a parking operation read, speak, and write English, and can follow written and verbal instructions in English.

Every employment candidate must complete an application.  They are required to present a valid driver’s license, a copy of a current DMV individual printout, and consent to a general background check.  The background check consists of checking previous employment and a check of the individual’s driving record.  Despite the time consuming nature of checking references, this can be the most valuable tool in determining a prospective employee’s performance on the job.

We at Parking Network are open to all methods of recruitment, i.e. employment agencies, classified advertisements, and local referrals.  Whenever possible, we like to receive referrals for new employees from our current employees.  We believe productive and reliable employees are one of our best resources in obtaining productive and reliable candidates

Successful candidates are offered a position and during their orientation process our Human Resources staff certifies that all employees meet citizenship or alien status employment requirements.

Job performance begins before an Attendant ever sets foot in your parking facility.  Through the investment of time and resources at the point of hire, many potential problems are eliminated: problems that are costly to you, your facility users, and Parking Network.

By providing the best possible candidates for your property, the Parking Network screening program offers you the following benefits:

  • Employee turnover is reduced.
  • Training time is reduced because fewer people come through the system.
  • Supervisory time is better utilized allowing for more time and attention being paid to locations in the field.
  • Employees have a greater sense of pride in their job.
  • Theft rates are reduced due to results of background checks resulting in these individuals not being able to join the Parking Network team.